ZL-7850A, Humidity Temperature Controller, Hygrostat Thermostat, Lilytech Humidistat, Incubator Control, Sausage Cheese Deposit

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Temperature and Humidity Controller 

title 1k pixel application
Temperature and humidity control.
Special timer outputs for egg incubation.
For parrot incubation, sensor ZL-SHr05B is recommended.
With optional sensor ZL-SHr05B, it is suitable for sausage or cheese depositing.
For humidity set-point lower than 20%RH, ZL-SHr05B is recommended.
title 1k pixel Function
Heating or cooling control
Humidifying or dehumidifying control
Temperature and humidity calibration
Over temperature and humidity limits alarming
Alarming and protection when sensor fails
One exhaustion fan output:
It is an universal timer output;
Over temperature exhausting;
Over humidity exhausting.
Two universal timer outputs:
Could control egg tray turning;
Turning times control;
Support manual turning control, to control the object to any position.
title 1k pixel specification
Power supply: 100 ~ 240Vac, 50/60Hz
Input: One humidity and temperature sensor, wire length 2 meter
Sensor precision:
Humidity ±3%/25℃ (ZL-SHr03A), ±2%/25℃ (ZL-SHr05B);
Temperature ±1%
Setting range:
Humidity 0 ~ 80%RH; Temperature 0 ~ 65℃ (for ZL-SHr03A)
Humidity 0 ~ 99%RH; Temperature 0 ~ 65℃ (for ZL-SHr05B)
Display range: Humidity 0 ~ 99%RH; Temperature -20 ~ 80℃
Temp. Output ≤ 5A;
Humi. Output and Fan Output ≤ 3A;
2 Timer outputs(for egg turning) ≤ 1A.
Working environment: -10 ~ 45℃; ≤ 90% RH without dew
Case dimension: L78 x W34.5 x D71 (mm)
Drilling size: L 71 x W29 (mm)
Case materials: PC + ABS, fireproof
Protection level: IP65 (Front panel only)
title 1k pixel manual
From 2019-10-20, we start to ship new version (version 1.6).
Manual (copy and paste to browser address to view and downlaod):
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title 1k pixel certification