ZL-7850A, 100-240VAC, Double display, Multifunctional Automatic Incubator Egg Controller

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ZL-7850A Humidity and Temperature Controller
Rich Display



ZL-7850A is a temperature and humidity controller with rich display. IP65 level front panel protection,
convenient operation and easy installation. Suitable for control of incubator, climate chamber,
greenhouse, warehouse, and so on.



Power supply: 100 ~ 240Vac, 50/60Hz
Input: One humidity and temperature sensor, wire length 1.5 meter
Sensor precision: Humidity ±5%/25℃; Temperature ±1%
Setting range: Humidity 0 ~ 80%RH; Temperature 0 ~ 65℃
Display range: Humidity 0 ~ 99%RH; Temperature -20 ~ 80℃
Output: Temp. Output ≤ 5A; Humi. Output and Fan Output ≤ 3A; 2 Egg turns ≤ 1A
Working environment: -10 ~ 45℃; ≤ 90% RH without dew
Case dimension: L78 x W34.5 x D71 (mm)
Drilling size: L 71 x W29 (mm)
Case materials: PC + ABS, fireproof
Protection level: IP65 (Front panel only)


Key Function

Heat/cool control
Humidify/dehumidify control
Timer air exhaustion
Timer and manual egg turning
Temperature and humidity calibration
Temperature and humidity high limit protection
Temperature and humidity limits alarm
Alarm and protection when sensor fails
Restore control when power supply returns