ZL-7817A,PID temperature controller, PID thermostat, 100-240Vac power supply, CE, ISO, Lilytech

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ZL-7817A PID Controller

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ZL-7817A provides optional PID and on/off control.

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The internal control resolution now is 0.01C degree. The control feedback starts from every 0.01C change. 
An integrated SSR output with 5A rate power driving ability.
An auxiliary output: timer on/off, and/or high temperature protection

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Sensor: NTC, R25℃ = 10K, B25/50℃ = 3470K
Setting range: -40.0 ~ 130.0℃
Power supply: 100 ~ 240Vac, 50/60Hz
Output R1: 5A, 250Vac (rated current)
Output R2: 7A, 250Vac (resistive)
Working: -10 ~ 45℃, 5 ~ 85%RH without dew
Case materials: PC + ABS fire proof
Protection level: IP65 (Front side only)
Dimension: W78 x H34.5 x D71 (mm)
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The manual PDF file:   


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