ZL-7811A, 12V, Temperature and humidity controller, Free Shipping

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Temperature and Humidity Controller



  • ZL-7811A adopts hi-quality microcomputer, tact switch buttons and double digital displays, with robust performance and friendly manipulation.
  • The temperature display resolution is 0.1℃, humidity display resolution is 0.1%RH.
  • Power supply :12V, DC or AC.
  • Every time the power is on, ZL-7811A will control according to set parameters.
  • ZL-7811A can control humidity and temperature separately.
  • The humidity and temperature sensor can be lengthened to 50M.

Technical Specification

  • Precision: Temperature 1%. Humidity 3%RH
  • Temperature measuring and control range: 0.0℃~80.0℃
  • Humidity measuring and control range: 0.0%RH~99.9%RH
  • Working environment: 0~45℃
  • Working humidity: 5~95% RH(without dewing)
  • Keys: tact switch buttons
  • Power consumption: < 2W
  • Power supply: 12V AC, or 12V DC
  • Load current: 250VAC/7A

Instruction Manual