ZL-7801C, Mini Multifunction Automatic Incubator Controller, Free Ship

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ZL-7801C Humidity and Temperature Controller


ZL-7801C is an intelligent temperature and humidity controller. IP65 level front panel protection, convenient operation and easy installation. Suitable for control of incubator, climate chamber, greenhouse, warehouse, and so on.


Power supply: 100 ~ 240Vac 50/60Hz

◇ Input Signal:

      One humidity and temperature sensor

      Wire length 1.5 meter

Output load: (All based on resistive load)

      R1 load, 5A/250Vac

      R4 and R5 load, 3A/250Vac

      R2 and R3 load, 16A/250Vac

Setting Range:

      Humidity 0 ~ 100% RH 

      Temperature -20 ~ 120℃

◇ Sensor accuracy:

      Humidity ±5%

      Temperature ±1%

◇ Working environment:

      Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH without dew

      Temperature -20 ~ 45℃

◇ Device dimension:

      W78 * H34.5 * D71 mm

◇ Drilling size:

      W71 * H29 mm

◇ Case materials: PC + ABS, fire proof

◇ Protection level: IP65 (front panel only)