ZL-6290A, Celsius Fahrenheit; Similar to STC-1000, ITC-1000, EW-988, KT1000; Dual 10A output relays thermostat

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2019-10-8: from today on, we ship version 2.
 Manual for verion 2:
 Manual for previous version:
  When 2 set-points are set to same value, and 2 hysteresis are set to same value, it will be same as stc1000/itc1000.
  When 2 set-points are not same value, it could be a system like wine cabinet, or energy saving control for fish pool or incubator (not cooling immediately after heating stops).
  The added NC (Normal Close) output can indicate: the heater stops.



Temperature Controller

Version 2.0b


ZL-6290A (ZL-1000) is similar to STC-1000 and ITC-1000, with enhanced specification. It has two outputs, one for cooling, and one for heating, to regulate temperature to a set-point. It will judge heating or cooling mode automatically: if the room temperature is higher than set point, cooling mode; else heating mode. More settings make application, such as incubator control, much better.


Sensor: NTC

R25℃ = 10K, B25/85℃ = 3435K; R25℃ = 5K, B25/50℃ = 3470K

Setting range: -50.0 ~ 99.0℃, or -58.0 ~ 210.2℉

Display range: -50.0 ~ 99.9℃, or -58.0 ~ 211.8℉

Terminal: 2*1.5mm2 or 1*2.5mm2

Outputs: 10A * 2, 250Vac (under pure resistance load)

Working: -10~45℃, 5~85%RH without dew

Case materials: PC + ABS fire proof

Protection level: IP65 (Front side only)

Dimension: W78 x H34.5 x D71 (mm)

Installation drilling: W71 x H29 (mm)

Keypad and Display


CE LVD Certification:

1000w pixel

CE EMC Certifcation:CE LVD 800 pixelCE EMC 800 pixelCE LVD 800 pixelCE EMC 800 pixelCE LVD 800 pixelCE LVD 800 pixelCE EMC 800 pixelCE LVD 800 pixelCE EMC 800 pixel

1000w pixel

ISO Certification:

ISO-3-1000w pixel