ZL-6280A, 400 ℃, PT100 Temperature Controller, PT100 Thermostat, Free Shipping

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ZL-6280A, PT100 sensor, Temperature Controller

! Sensor not provided


ZL-6280A makes use of PT100 sensor for heating control of high temperature, with front panel water proof level IP65.
It is suitable to control oven, water heater, and other objects between 2~400℃.

Main Function

Sense and display temperature to 490℃
Temperature control to 400℃
Temperature output (R1) delay protection for load
Warning output (R2, R3)
Over temperature and sensor failure warning
Buzzing warning


Temperature output, R1: 16A, 250Vac; R2/R3, 3A, 250Vac.
                                        (the parameters are under pure resistance loads)
Sensor: PT100 (excluded in package of selling)
Set / control range: 2 ~ 400℃, resolution: 1℃
Display range: -10 ~ 490℃, resolution: 1℃
Accuracy: 1.5℃
Working: -20 ~ 45℃, 5 ~ 90%RH without dew
Dimension: W78 x H34.5 x D71 (mm)
Installation drilling: W71 x H29 (mm)
Case materials: PC + ABS fire proof
Protection level: IP65 (Front side only)
Power supply: 100 ~ 240Vac, 50/60Hz

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