ZL-6213A, Constant Temperature controller, Wine Deposit, Free Ship

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Constant Temperature Control

For Wine Cabinet or similar

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ZL-6213A has two outputs, one for cooling, one for heating, to regulate temperature to the set-point.

Main Specification  

Sensor: NTC, R25=5K, B25/50=3470K
Setting and display range: -40.0~120.0℃
Power supply:
185-245Vac 50/60Hz
Optional: 110Vac 50/60Hz
Terminal: 2*1.5mm2 or 1*2.5mm2
Outputs: 7A, 250Vac (under pure resistance loads)
Working: -10~45℃, 5~85%RH without dew
Case materials: PC + ABS fire proof
Protection level: IP65 (Front side only)
Dimension: W78 x H34.5 x D71 (mm)
Installation drilling: W71 x H29 (mm)