ZL-7901A, Multifunction Automatic Incubator Controller, PID, Free Ship

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Temperature and Humidity



ZL-7901A is an industrial intelligent temperature and humidity controller. Optional external SSR to realize bigger heating power rate, and with optional temperature PID control. With touch button and big size LCD display, convenient to operate, easy to set up. Applicable for control of incubator, climate chamber, warehouse, and so on.

Main Function

  1. Three temperature control modes: relays up/down limit control, SSR up/down limit control, SSR PID control
  2. Humidify or dehumidify control
  3. Timer air exhaust control
  4. Timer egg turning control 
  5. Illumination control
  6. Alarm output
  7. Auto restart function
  8. Temperature/humidity over limit warning and protection
  9. Temperature/humidity sensor fault warning and protection